10 steps to clean your car & restore the showroom lustre

By | December 19, 2016

Between the rainy weather, eating in and driving on a muddy terrain, your car has seen quite a beat lately. While it won’t hamper your driving capability, messy car interior can surely divert your attention and if not cleaned soon, the cockpit’s ought to smell really bad. So don’t play idle; clean the car and bring back that original showroom shine you’ve been dreaming about! Check out a few handy steps;

Steps on how to clean your car

  1. Rinse and wet the vehicle with standard tap water but don’t apply sponge initially or it’ll spread dirt and grit all over just like sandpaper. A high-pressured hosepipe is excellent to wipe clean the surface with a water blast but if you don’t have one, go for the usual hose pipe bearing a strong jet. After removing the loose grit and wetting the car entirely, remaining dirt would start to loosen so cleaning it further would be much easier.
  2. Pick up wrappers, stickers, packets and other such stuff from the vehicle’s interior. Take out removable mats; wash or vacuum them before moving on with rest of the interior. Wipe the dashboard, console and other plastic with moist cloth but make sure it’s not dripping. Apply mild detergent to soiled areas and wipe thoroughly.
  3. Avoid using silicon-based products as they leave greasy residue while the fumes can be lethal if inhaled excessively. Don’t polish the dashboard unless necessary as it may cause glare on sunny days thus hampering safe drive.
  4. Carpet and upholstery stains can be washed or you may apply industrial-grade cleaning solution on dark engine grease stains. Finally, clean the sills and boot seams with a damp sponge.
  5. Prepare the vehicle for complete wash by hosing the exterior surface once more. Take a soft-fluffy wool mitten and wipe the entire car to remove grit particles. Proceed from top to bottom, working around in circles just like peeling an orange. Treat sills and bumper in the last as they’re dirtiest of them all and may require extra elbow-grease.
  6. Fill a bucket with clean water and pour some car wash solution however, make sure it doesn’t produce excess suds. Typical vehicle shampoo is good as long as it’s without polish or else it would set the dirt and stains further only to turn simple wash 100 times harder.
  7. For really stubborn stains on the window and side mirrors, tar and bug remover spray works pretty well.
  8. Take another bucket with clean water and car shampoo only this time; you would need a harder sponge or cotton cleaning pad to scrub hardened stains and soot. Work in circle from top to bottom as irregular cleaning pattern would only leave scratches and shampoo stains.
  9. Wheels and tyres must be brushed before throwing water or scrub. In case the wheels boast a paint or premium chrome finish, use a soft lamb-wool wash mitt.
  10. For smaller scratches and scuffs, apply mild wax or polish.


Now you know Steps on how to clean your car, so follow the above steps to clean your car and restore the showroom shine that you’ve been dreaming of.