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Do you remember the first blog that really got your attention ?  If anything,  I am certain that blog was particularly interesting, but that wasn’t all that made you like it. It was probably the person behind it.  Read our insightful & informative blog-posts on data entry, data processing, quickbook data entry, data collection, transcription, typing, web research, OCR, etc. So in looking for ways to explore the idea of becoming a popular blogger, we’ll have to talk about not only the technical means and the economic implications, but the soul and style of the author as well. So hop on and let’s think about it.

As mentioned above ,  having a blog is not that difficult on the technical side, since there are many platforms open and ready for you. It’s not even that hard economically, since it could cost you a cheap hosting package, or sometimes not even that. DOE Training provides All Blogging courses. there is a lot that goes into writing a successful blog.  Let’s deal with all the things the blogger should personally strive to achieve if they want to be noticed. 

Be passionate about what you write, but still act like a normal person:

That’s a defining factor of most of the now-famous bloggers. There is emotion In their writing, and it does not seem like anyone is forcing them to do what they do. This emanates a spirit of wanting to share what you know and what you find interesting with others. Readers like to see that, they feel like they’re on the same page with you, almost as if they’re having a real discussion.  Still , don’t overreact, don’t just rant in every post, since that kind of makes you unattractive to read, and it destroys and charms your readers might have seen in you. “Everything in good measure” as people say

Have a name, an image or graphic unique to your blog:

The thing that will help your blog stand out from the rest will probably be its name. You can include your own name in it, but that hardly ever yields success. Instead, try to think of something original, maybe funny or something with a pun in it. To go along with that, an image will help stick to people’s memory, and would help them remember to visit again.

Have informative  or  thought-provoking content:

Clearly , talking about your day wouldn’t cut it , unless you do something extraordinary, or have had some bright ideas or epiphanies. Strive to provide information that may interest people. If you have a particular hobby , and you’ve learned things the hard way, from experience, you might want to share them with others.  Posting tips and how-to articles is basically the most popular way of contributing interesting content with the public. This is one of the most important things for your blog to be popular. To put it in the least amount of words : you need to have something to say.

Promote yourself:

There are several ways to do this, among which are the most frequently mentioned social networks, where people spend most of their days. You can also try online communities which are made particularly for the needs of bloggers – there you can participate in reading other people’s blogs and commenting. Each interesting comment will drive traffic to you , since people will be interested in the person behind that opinion. You can do guest blogging – guest blogging is the practice of exchanging posts with other bloggers for the purpose of popularizing your audience with theirs and vice versa.

Be regular:

This does not need a lot of explanation, but it’s still good to remind you that if your blog is updated regularly, people will have a reason to visit it , to keep coming back. If you keep them waiting for too long they’ll  eventually lose interest. A good practice is to dedicate a certain day of the week to post something in particular.  For example each Friday could be for cute kittens, each Monday for motivational texts, etc.

Answer people’s comments:

You should answer questions from your visitors, even if they’re uncomfortable at times. That builds better communication and makes your blog more interactive. People like to participate, take use of that. Specially for bloggers, there are few affiliate programs which can require you to send fax online for verification, in such cases these websites are going to be very handy.

With these practices ,you’ll be able to maintain a good blogging reputation, and if your blog is really interesting, you may even become famous one day. Good luck with your endeavors!

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