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Tips How to Improve Sales of Your Online Shopping Store ?

Vaibhav Rai

September 24, 2018 09:49 PM

Visitors are enough but Sales at zero. Do not hesitate! You are not alone because many online shopping stores owners of clothes, fashion accessories, electronics are facing same issues. The reasons are many but some are simple; sometimes trends went down due to winter dragged on. However, we understand this and simply decided to share with you some tips how to increase sales in the online shopping store (latest tips for 2017).

By and large, you can increase your sales in two ways:

- To increase the flow of customers (ie to sell a greater number of people) - Increase the average check (ie, sell more goods)

And that's what you can do it right now. Some useful ways to increase sales more effectively!

1. Refer to those who have already Shop Online from you

The easiest way to make a re-sale is to force your recent shopper. Your recent customers already know how to done business with you and either you are trustworthy or not. They are happy to shop with you again if you fulfill all their requirements so just notify them via email, SMS or Call.

2. Ask potential buyers to share information with your friends

Most people do not want to buy from you something right now, but certainly among their friends there are those who will be in need of such offer (new arrival clothes for newborns or demi jackets for pregnant and t-shirts or cheap slings etc) such titles are useful for you. Give people an idea of how to attend to the other - well formulated and useful promotional offer, many will indeed be happy to recommend your offers to their friends, send them by e-mail or click on the "Share" button.

3. Feature your Online Store in Price Comparison Engine

There is a lot of price comparison serving their visitors by giving them pricing details of any specific product: for example you want to sell online in Canada, you can go and register on any site such as and list your products for free on Canada Shopping Comparison Website. Choose inexpensive but nice products with cheap price-tags which might be more helpful to generate more sales.

4. Offer an Additional Warranty or service

In exchange for a small increase in the price of goods this is not compulsory but you can use such tactics. For many peoples it works very well to offer free shipment services, warranty plans, contracts and some offer deals packages.

5. Also keep this in your mind how buyer thinks?

Is there something that I'm looking for? Is this product I need? Is there something interesting for me? Whether the price suits me? Is it difficult to make an order here? Where is the contact number?

6. Website Layout should be User Friendly

First of all place an order button (call to action) on each product page should be clearly visible. Take a look around, go to the top of online shopping, copy the best decisions that you will find them on the checkout. Return Policy - briefly explain it to all pages of the checkout. Place the phone number on every page of your order.