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Are You Dubious About a Hair Transplant Because of This?

Vaibhav Rai

September 08, 2018 11:40 PM

The hair transplant practice is filled with numerous facts and myths. No one can understand how an actual hair transplant works unless he or she decides to consult a reputable hair transplant surgeon. At this point, we are going to tackle and explain a number of facts that shouldn’t scare you from undergoing a hair transplant in India. You only need to see a surgeon at an advanced hair transplant centre;


Your Scars Will Be Noticeable after the Surgery!

For every reason, you have got the right to worry about scarring after a hair transplant, but the truth is that hair transplant scars aren’t that noticeable. Generally, the hair transplant scars will remain disguised or unseen to your fellows as long as an experienced surgeon conducts the surgery.

Similarly, the technique selected for your hair transplant determines the type of scars to worry about. The FUT technique basically results in a linear scar, but this should worry you a bit. The surgeon will stitch the wound in a way that the scar is small and can be covered by the surrounding hair. When it comes to the FUE technique, the surgeon will carefully extract individual units from the back of the head using a tiny instrument. This normally forms unnoticeable dot-like scars.

Your Surgery is Gonna Hurt! 

Many people are scared of a hair transplant thinking that it is a painful procedure. Truth be told, a hair transplant surgery is performed under local or general anaesthesia. This makes the procedure completely pain-free or with minimal discomfort.

We have seen patients listen to music or read a magazine during their hair transplant, so don’t follow what you always hear or what you are told.

The Younger You Get a Hair Transplant the Better!

This myth or fact is generally met by misconceptions. In case you are being told to undergo a hair transplant at an age of 23 or below you must worry about your future hair loss. It should be noted that hair loss at this age is hard to decode and there are chances that the implanted hair will also get attacked by the DHT hormone.

On the other hand, you can only get a hair transplant conducted by an experienced surgeon in case you are aged 23 to 25 and so applies to all hair transplant surgeries. In addition, don’t wait to lose more hair before meeting a surgeon. There are numerous hair loss treatments that can help you deal with any type of hair loss.

Don’t Think About a Normal Density!


A hair transplant works by restoring hair in the recipient region. With that, the surgeon will remove healthy follicles from the back of the scalp where there is a good density. Generally, an experienced surgeon is tasked to create a fuller head, but this doesn’t mean that he will implant more numbers of follicular units. The hair density you will achieve is determined by many factors and they include;

  • Follicular size
  • Colour
  • Available number of grafts
  • Scalp laxity
  • Contrast among other concerns.

It Will Cost You a Fortune!

Although hair transplant procedures are generally expensive, they hardly cost a fortune. In fact, hair transplant procedures are performed across the country at a considerable rate. Some of the main determinants of one’s hair transplant cost are;

  • The rate of hair loss
  • The technique used
  • The clinic selected
  • The number of grafts collected in comparison to the extraction rate per graft
  • Additional treatments required

The FUE technique is generally expensive simply because the hair units are individually extracted from the back of the scalp. When it comes to the FUT technique, a strip is cut and this reduces the extraction cost.

Prepare for a Second Hair Transplant Surgery in the Future

Undergoing a hair transplant at the right age shouldn’t worry you about future hair loss. One should worry about further hair loss in case he or she undergoes a hair transplant at the age of 24 and below. In most cases, this hair loss type isn’t yet mature and obviously, there are various factors like hormonal imbalances, sickness, progressive androgenetic alopecia that can still manifest themselves in the future.

Provided it’s the right age, right surgeon, and the right type of hair loss, one is free to undergo a hair transplant that will directly prevent future baldness.  

The FUE Technique is the Way to Go!

Not in all cases! An FUE technique is definitely an advanced hair transplant approach, but not applicable in all cases. Although it is an open gate for female and male pattern baldness, hair transplant surgeons are keen to detect the right candidate for the surgery.

Although it is considered minimally invasive, the counterpart “FUT” is a friendly procedure with greater efficacy in some cases. In case recommended by the surgeon, undergoing an FUT procedure will absolutely deliver the desired results.

All in all, consult an experienced and skilled surgeon before you finally undergo an FUT or an FUE hair transplant in India. Both procedures can be skillfully performed to render your surgery safe and productive.