Automobile Designer’s Sketch Blueprints for New Age Technology Cars |


April 24, 2020 12:47 AM

In the past, the cars were designed in different ways, now the days have changed and the way now the automobiles are manufactured and designed is completely different from what they used to be in the past. The generation of automobiles has taken a big lead and has altered the ways of production. One of the biggest impacts, which the industry has had so far, is the technology.Technology has helped the industry to create and design cars in a more effective and efficient ways. Today’s generation cars a leap ahead from what we think of and imagine what it could is like in the future?  The designers and automobile specialists have been trying different ways in producing a car, which would actually make the ride really seamless.


Everything has been advancing and the way the cars are built is different now, they are getting designed with the accessories and elements, which enable the auto mode in the vehicle. The cars have now been designed with exceptional safety measures and make it really comfortable. Leading automobile companies have already started to get into the line of the connected automobile business.

The cars, which have been designed with new age technologies, are predominantly focused on the high-end customers. Now the cars need to be designed in such a way that, they work according to the technological norms. It is important that the cars are designed with the technological advancements. The people are expecting things to faster and better in every way.

Mobile apps have taken a lead in all the industries and it is said that 72 percent of the adults in the US presently own a smartphone. Now, there are apps available for us to be able to operate our cars from remote locations as well. It is essential that the system, which is used on the apps, be configured with the system in the car. That is how we will be able to connect to the cars and use them remotely. 

Operating from the distant

There are situations when we may not be close to the car and want to operate it remotely. The cars, which have been designed in the recent past, have been digitized. It would be a big lead to make huge revenues with the help of the technology. Car manufacturers have started to design the apps for their own models and it is leading to make the cars available to be operated from a distant as well.

The locking system of the cars has been re-engineered; now the keys of the cars are been designed in the digital form. The app has the lock and unlock button, which we allow us to get into the car while unlocked and locked while we leave it. We can perform this particular task by staying away from the car as well. All cars do not possess the fact of giving an asking to the app. There are certain cars, which need verification before the owner of the car starts to use the particular app for keeping the car safe and secure.

Ignition and Termination from the distant

Remember those James Bonds, where the protagonist rides the car from a hidden place and brings it closer from the proximity. The new age cars are going to see this kind of advancement in the manufacturing of the automobiles. We will be able to start or stop the vehicle from a remote place and we need be present the location. This is just in the testing phase, but it expected to be out soon.

Presently only two of the companies have the options to provide their customers with this extravaganza. Chevrolet Volt and Hyundai Elantra have the ability to operate the vehicle from our own comfort zone irrespective of the apps, which we might be using. But, for the users who are using the other apps designed for the specific vehicles by the manufacturer, they need to enter a four-digit passcode, before they want to start the wagon.

Beware of the Hackers

It is a fact that the technology has improved over the years, on the flip side even the number of hackers has increased invariably. In the recent past, it is said that the network systems of the federal law are also getting hacked, in spite of maintaining such a strong security. Automobile makers have made an initiative in creating a system, which will keep the safe and secure, avoid theft as well.

What would happen, if a hacker hacks the system and everything is out of control? This is an arguable question, which needs a perfect answer; we need to think from this perspective as well. If a person is able to get an access to the app of the vehicle, then it is evident that they will be able to retrieve the information of the user and location as well.

When we try to secure the vehicle with the help of the network and connection, we need to be sure of the fact that we are not relying on the unsafe networks of Wi-Fish in the location where we at situated at that moment. It does not mean the normal networks, which have been used for the transmission of signals and data. Even they are susceptible to the loss of safety and security.

Officials state that, if the person has an access to the vehicle personally and in the state re-engineering the whole code, then we need to consider ourselves in danger. So, when the security systems are used for the vehicles it is essential that they are designed with strong encryption and not viable to theft.

Keep a close eye on your vehicle

When we are aware of the vehicle, we need to be sure of the fact that, the car would be safe. It is not necessary for us to be a tech savvy person to track the vehicle down. The carmakers have designed the apps for their customers in such a way that they can set the parameters for the vehicle before lending it to someone or having it for oneself.

Unfortunately, only two of the manufacturers have designed their apps with these features. They were MyHyundai and Infiniti Connection, but even they need to improve their user experience. We need to install the app into the system of the vehicle and calibrate it with the mobile app. Only then we will be able to use the app and track the vehicle from anywhere.

The best part of having this feature is that, is will send alerts via the mobile app and on the infotainment system of the vehicle. If we are going over the speed, which we have set to be nominal and make sure that, we are safe driving. With the help of the mobile app, which has been designed by the manufacturer, we will be able to keep a close watch on our vehicle and save it from any kind of theft.

Final Thoughts

The automobile industry is presently flourishing; people have started to purchase the vehicles for comfortable travel and ride. On average, the percentage of rising in the auto sales has been around 10 to 20 percent throughout the world. This number is a significant number and it will increase in the upcoming years as well. Automobiles are going to designed and manufactured with the new age technologies.

Mobile apps have become one of the most prominent features in almost everyone’s life. Each and every businessperson or industrialist is building an app for his or her own respective business. The big automobile companies have also designed and developed the apps for the connected cars, which rely on the technology.

All the implementations are in progress, while the tried and tested ones are pretty good as of now. A lot more modifications and improvisations, which are creative and innovative, are going to be implemented in the near future. So, get yourselves ready to ride the new age trendy and interesting cars to have a great and safe drive.