A bloom for the careful dad

By | November 1, 2016

Dads are like those silent heroes we have in our lives who have always kept our wishes and desires before his own. And on his special days like birthday or promotion success, or Father’s Day, you have a reason to celebrate. Send father’s day flowers online delivery to start his day. Officially, it is accepted that a flower for a dad should be a White or a Red Rose. People bring a white rose to honor a departed father and a red rose to honor a surviving father.

Not only flowers, flowering plants, and indoor or outdoor plants would also constitute a great gift option for fathers. Here are some of the combination of father’s day gifts.

Red roses with a memento

As already said, a red roses bouquet would serve well as a gift for a dad. Get a big bouquet of the red roses for him and also add a memento for being the world’s best dad. He can keep that memento at his office desk or in his study.

Sweets and lilies

The lily of the valley is a famous flower that stands for the purity and sweetness of the heart. Your dad undoubtedly is the one who has the heart of gold as he has always been generous to you. A box of some mesmerizing sweets along with these blooms would make him happier for sure.

Bonsai and book

Bonsai is a miniature plant that stays by your side for more than centuries if you take care of that meticulously. Get a bonsai and the guidelines to maintain a healthy bonsai for your dad along with a recently released book for his leisure time. Taking care of bonsai and reading book is a perfect gift option for those dads who has retired.

Cupcakes, watch, and orchids

Cute and tender cupcakes of various flavors can be bought for the special occasion and placed in every place he hovers with a sweet note. Keep the watch in his trouser pocket and the orchids can be sent to his office. So, send father’s day flowers to the Philippines along with these suggested companions as this is one of the royal combos that would make your dad proud of you for sure.