Why Is Browsing History So Important

By | April 8, 2017

When you are a huge coffee addict, like most of us are, a trip down to your favourite coffee shop is always going to give to something to look at. Sometimes it may be something that would have to cracking up at the most random moments that day or have you counting your blessing and thinking how fortunate for having all that you do. A recent trip had me marvelling that the way the human brain works. Stuck onto the laptop’s cover next to the very shiny apple logo was a quote that said “Don’t mind my browsing history, I am a writer, not a serial killer”.

If we do stop and think about it, the internet browsing history of Stephan King and Dan Brown would have them committed to a mental asylum for life if they were not international bestselling authors. A person’s browsing history is just as personal and insightful as their personal diary can be. It provides a detailed portrait of who they are as a person and what they have the potential of becoming. Maybe that is why whenever a criminal investigation has something to do with kidnapping or a homicide, the detectives in-charge always take a look at that person’s internet browsing history to know how such an event could have transpired and how the victim himself could have been responsible for it. Maybe that is why they have invented applications that are capable of restoring a search engine’s browsing even after it has been wiped clean.

Seeing the significance a person’s browsing history has, a parent should keep a close, keen eye on their child’s in order to protect him or her from the dangers the current society possess as well as the perils he or she might have stuck himself or herself in by her own accord. Therefore, unless you child is or is aspiring to be a writer, he or she should never have the following things in his or her browsing history:

  • How to get away with murder.
  • Ways to tell if you are pregnant.
  • How can you kill someone without leaving a clue?
  • How can you hack into so and so profile?
  • How can you hack into so and so back account?
  • How to pick locks.
  • How to deactivate burglar alarms without tripping them off.
  • Ways to rob a bank.

Apart from the first one because that unfortunate title now belongs to a very hit TV show, the rest of them serve as 100% positive clues that something is truly wrong with your child and he or she may require more supervision and constant surveillance than they used to. As parents with so much already on your plate, there is only so much that you can do to ensure that your child is not doing something they are not supposed to by monitoring them physically. But, at times like these physical monitoring is not enough at all. What you need to do is monitor them constantly and ensure that they are not able to get away with something that might have dire implications that will follow them for the rest of their lives and impact every single career and personal choice they make. To ensure this and more, vigilant parents need a reputable spy app to help them down these rocky trenches. A good spy application can help you by:

  • Helps you keep a keen eye on your child’s internet browsing history along with his or her various online browsing history to ensure they are not doing anything they shouldn’t be.
  • Look through their social media profiles to ensure that are not blogging or tweeting about things that could have negative implications and affects on their lives.
  • Browsing through portals and looking up things that they should have nothing to do with.
  • Block the websites that you deem inappropriate for your child to be browsing through at any age.
  • Provide you with real-time access on their location and the people they hang out with.
  • Allows you to look through their phonebook contacts and media files stored up the target device’s memory.

Using these and many more features offered by spy applications, parents can not only keep an eye on their child’s online browsing habits and the internet search history but also various other things that can help them raise their children into well mannered and sound individuals that will eventually become a part of a better society than the one we live in today.