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Clash Royale for Android Download Latest Version

Vaibhav Rai

September 10, 2018 09:13 PM

There are many android devices out there which are not compatible in playing Clash Royale or their Google Playstore does not update Clash Royale in it.

So for such users I am bring up this guide which will be helping you to download Clash Royale for Android.

It is usual that in some of the areas Playsotres does not update the latest games and apps out there; so, such users need to go for apk file. APK files will allow you to download any app or game directly on your phone bypassing the step of downloading for app store.

It means that in today's article you will be getting Clash Royale apk Download file which will start getting downloaded on your phone directly, by just opening the file. Let's see how it is done.


Clash Royale - Some Points

Let me list some of the interesting facts yet information about Clash Royale so that you guys can know about it;

  • Clash Royale is multiplayer strategy game
  • Build up team of your friends or relatives
  • Friendly battles can be played to enhance battle techniques
  • Up to 8 troops can be sent for fight; however, this number can be increased by paying or unlocking
  • Fight battles and keep moving
  • Watch Royale TV for best battles and learning purposes
  • Solve issues with opponents after battle is over and you have options either to kill or leave opponent's troops
  • Take part in Clash Royale Tournaments to make money from
  • There are 4 chests and opening one chest will last for 12 hours
  • Based on Real time techniques as your opponent is a real human being who is taking move as per his genius
  • It is completely free to play up to a certain level
  • You can also join a clan and share chests
  • Different powerful cards to enhance and upgrade existing cards
  • Ones you have enough card then you can build your own deck
  • Normally there are three types of Cards
  • Free Chest is offered after every two hours
  • You can also earn different chests by winning battles.

Clash Royale for Android Download

If you are all set to go for download of Clash Royale on your android devices. Then follow below simple steps;


  • Get the latest version of Clash Royale Download link from here
  • Open the downloaded link on your android phone
  • Now wait until it completed the downloading process
  • Ones it is done, you will see a Clash royale game icon on the homescreen of your android smartphone
  • Tap on that icon
  • Start playing the game!


I am sure you guys have already started playing Clash Royale on your android devices. However, due to any reason, if you are facing any trouble while downloading Clash Royale on your android device. Then let me know as I may help you in resolving your issues.

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