By | August 8, 2017

Digital marketing can be precisely described as a means of marketing using the various digital medium. The common digital channels are search engines like Google, websites, social media platforms, emails, and mobile apps. As people are investing time and energy into digital platforms for doing their business or buying goods and services, the physical markets have taken a back step in the current times. With advancement in technology, new trends are taking place of existing methods when it comes to digital marketing as it mainly depends on the internet for its functioning. New digital marketing campaigns are emerging with more efficiency to carry out business in a better way and reach a wider audience.

Mobile app marketing

Mobile dominates the field of digital marketing even now. Advertising through mobile messages, calls, and apps still lead the race when it comes to digital marketing. A lot of websites are now making responsive designs with an increase in usage of Smartphones for marketing. Mobile apps are now the target for marketing to potential users and building a huge consumer base.

A major amount of Google search has now been shifted from desktop users to Smartphones and tablets. Take a note on how your website shows on mobile users and cut down all the unnecessary data and images which slow down the loading process in a mobile if you need to capture the mobile audience.

Social media bots

This is the latest trend in digital marketing. Social media marketing has seen a considerable increase over few years thanks to easy interface these platforms provide for marketers and consumers. Facebook and Instagram are the most popular among social networking sites to carry out the digital marketing and social media bots are helpful in analyzing the data to help brands strategize new moves.

Building a customer base, monitoring the brand reputation, and conducting customer satisfaction reviews are quite easy through social sites. This is what makes the social platform a great tool. Generation of leads and knowing the products of competitors and comparing prices can be done easily here.


Gone are the days of simple advertisements on billboards and newspapers to publicize a brand. The digital age has brought new tools for advertising and marketing. With lots of data circulating about a brand, consumers have shown interest in viewing pictures and videos depicting brands. Videos open up logic and provide insight about a brand. The concept and the intention of the marketer are made clear with visuals much better.

The customer reaction can also be analyzed in real time with tools which provide better insight for brands to work in the right direction. Visuals are a clean way to capture the attention of the audience, mesmerize them, and connect with them on a deeper level.

Augmented reality

This is the future of digital marketing. Using digital overlays to the things we view every day is what makes the marketing with augmented reality (AR) the best catch. Branding and marketing with AR are yet to reach all as it is now exclusive to only top companies. Once AR visuals are used for marketing ads, it provides information to the consumers in a fun way with 3D images. It also allows customers to communicate in a meaningful and personal way and also lets you explore the products.

AR increase brand awareness and customer engagement to a different level. The customer experience is augmented many times with more information and choices at your disposal. Augmented reality converts physical brochure into a digital experience and makes marketing campaigns real-world experiences.

Smart content

Content is still the king. Websites are originally created to share their content with the audience and potential clients. Content and marketing go hand in hand as there would be no advertising or selling without content. Promotions are done by sharing content on social media sites and content is valued when the intent is delivered straight to the hearts of customers. Content comes in all forms like audio speeches, video visuals, blogs, and pictures.

Content can be easily customized depending on the platform one is marketing and the type of audience the marketer is willing to capture. It also encourages customer engagement to like or comment and express their opinions which only deepen your customer bond.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With new trends taking over the business marketing, digital marketing is getting better and closer to the audience with customization and optimization. Paid search like ad words is getting more discreet and targeting potential customers with native ads to generate organic traffic to the websites. Optimizing websites with Meta tags, inbound links, and keyword density is bound to bring the site to the top position in search engine result pages (SERP).

SEO is the fundamental aspect when it comes to digital marketing. It helps the web bots to crawl the site easily and index it. Overall for better visibility of a site optimization is very important.

Email marketing

This is the best and preferred form of digital marketing both for consumers and marketers. It gives marketers a direct approach to advertise their brand and send customized messages and offers to their existing or potential customers. As everyone has an email, marketers love the impact email marketing creates for their brand. It makes the brand memorable and easily updates on any promotions and coupon codes given by the marketers.

Consumers do prefer email marketing and often leave their mail ids to receive notifications about the brand. This form of marketing gives customers a control as to how to respond to marketing without being bothered by calls from telemarketers. Marketing is integral to any business plan so it is wise to make the best use of any digital form of marketing to gain success.

Author’s Bio: I’m currently working as Content Manager with SEO Experts India. I have a great passion for digital marketing and I help small and medium-sized businesses improve their online presence and grow their revenue by formulating effective digital marketing strategies for them. Apart from Digital Marketing, I have a keen interest in Entrepreneurship, Online Reputation Management, Quality Link Building Tech Consultancy, etc.