How to Get a Good Impression on Your First Day of College

By | June 16, 2017

First Day of College is an important event in everyone’s life.It is an unforgettable day with lot of memories it may be good or else bad.Know that everyone is as nervous as your are don’t show it out .Be confident to face each and every situation with smiling face,and don’t over react for silly things.I had a glimpse of college life from many students the first thing I have noticed that many students are terrified on their first day of college and some students are over excited to meet new people. For everyone here are the few tips about how to deal with college on yourr first day.You are going to enter a new period of your life. You may have heard many things about the thrills and weird things of college life.Now you’re excited to get off to a good it is a place where you can learn many things not only education here you are going to learn and meet new people,new culture,fashion etc..,Feel free this is the most important thing you can do for the first day of your college

Tips for surviving your first day of college

What To Wear   

The first thing people will notice about you is your look.So dress up with a gd fashions and look like fresh,always keep your smile to charm.Feel comfortable with what you wear it may be dressing or shoes.Feel free with you with out any distrubances.

Act Confident And Be Punctual 

First thing is to be on time.Dont be over excitement act normally and try to participate in activites going around you.Dont worry if your day was not good feel pleasant and cheerful about the entire situation.Self-respect & self-confidence will take you people a long way in adjusting to a new place and meeting new people. Remind yourself that the things you have done that make you special.


Your body language is a powerful thing for creating a best first impression about you on others.So act smart  and more mature while you are talking with others .Maintain an eye contact while you are talking with the new people or teachers.Try to face situations with pleasant manner don’t complicated the things.Avoid the things which you feel insecure.

Be Active

Be active and show your sportiveness in every events,sports and studys.If your are intrested in sports don’t wait for others move on to play sports not only helps you in fitness it will also help you out in stress then you brain will be relaxed and it will work actively.

Be Popular And Social

Learn the names of all your professors and try to meet them and introduce yourself to them personally. This is a great tip It will help you more in college days.This will helps you in developing a relationship with my teachers.And also get to know about your friends/fellow students because one day you will be in the same work place some may be your competitor and some may be you colleagues.Be polite with everyone.