New Domain Name Extensions: What Impact SEO?

By | November 13, 2016

The new domain name extensions have they a beneficial impact on SEO of a site? John Mueller has answered very clearly about this.


Launched in 2008 by ICANN, the global program of expanding the domain name system has allowed the arrival of many new extensions on the market. The .xyz to .voyage through the .bzh , many companies have been seduced by these new extensions.


But now, in a recent article published on the website sponsored Search Engine Land, the author stated that the passage of a new extension (.attorney) had boosted the SEO traffic to its site . The article stated that the webmaster had switched from .com to .attorney thus performing a migration. This article has been around the English-speaking SEO community, the issue was quickly rested John Mueller in of a recent Hangout . Yet John had already announced in 2014 that the new extensions would not offer seo services in Lahore ranking boost .


Migrate Its Current Site To A New ID He Has An Interest Seo?

Following this article, John Mueller and Gary Illyes quickly warned webmasters who would benefit from a boost in migrating their sites to new extensions in search of SEO traffic boost. The webmaster trends analyst indicated that the words present in the domain name extension are completely ignored by Google .


Switch between current .com or .net for a .city or .voyage therefore has no interest in their SEO . In reality, you therefore have potentially more to lose than gain by engaging them such migration only for SEO.


Incidentally, even when Google officially announces that a URL element gives a boost to the sites (if HTTPS), real positive impacts are struggling to emerge … The migration to one of these new extensions therefore very unlikely to positively impact the SEO traffic and positioning of a site on Google.


Choose A New Domain Name Extension When Creating His Website He Has An Interest Seo?

We presented there is little an infographic on optimizing URLs for SEO who just returned on the choice of domain name extensions (TLDs) when creating a website. This infographic not revenge by returning on the SEO impact of new domain name extensions . Rush on these new extensions he has an interest SEO?


To believe the recent John Mueller precision on the matter, Google completely ignores the words present in the TLD . Beyond the simple marketing interest, there is therefore likely that these new extensions will clearly have no SEO impact now .


In all cases, the choice of domain name that does not allow itself to ensure a good ranking on Google, even if these new extensions had an interest SEO, this would a small factor among many others more as important links and content .


You will therefore understand, the choice of a new extension of domain X or Y does not change much with your SEO, so needless to bother (and risk) with unnecessary migration.