New way of buying abrasive bands And rolls online in India

By | November 9, 2016


Since ancient history the most accustomed types of coated abrasives are individual sheets of sandpaper with which home carpenters prepare furniture or crafts for painting. The industrial name of “abrasive bands & rolls ” actually includes a much wider range of products for both individual and industrial use.

An abrasive is a type of very hard material or a mineral. Abrasives are used in a diverse array of domestic and industrial works. Abrasives are used to finish, polishing or shining a work piece. Rubbing the abrasive on the work piece leads to part of the work piece being worn away especially the upper uneven layer of work piece.

Abrasives are also used on the surface like Stone, Concrete, Carpet and Wood to smoother the surface, remove dust and non-required partials’. The surface on which abrasives are used, the Abrasive being the harder of the two substances. However, any two solid materials that incline to rub against each other will eventually wear each other away. An example of this is when we whitewash our homes, we use sandpapers to be rubbed against the wall, eventually the torn and old paints washes away and our wall get smooth effect along with sandpaper grit also finishes.

Some of abrasives types are diamonds, Corundum, Emery, Granet, Pumice, Quartz, Sand stone, Flint,Silicon carbide, Fused alumina, Calcium carbide and Boron carbide

With everlasting changes in buying scenario buying abrasives bands and rolls in India has seen a significant change.

Important cutting methods where abrasives are used can be commonly:

  • Saw cut method is regular and common to cut with less hardness
  • Milling is complex it is motor driven
  • Submerged plasma, Plasma, Laser are high energy precision metal trimming
  • Wire electric discharge machining heavy and thick metal finishing
  • Oxyfuel
  • hypodermic needles in medical, dental & veterinary
  • tungsten rod for contact points
  • cutting expensive metals
  • Ferrite Rods for Magnets
  • capillary tubes metal and glass
  • collets for chucks
  • Abrasive water jet used for all smooth and hard materials
  • Ultrasonic machining
  • Electrochemical machining
  • Chemical machining is famous for chip and electrochemical finishing
  • Electro beam machining

The cutting material or abrasive selection depends on its chemical microstructure and hardness of the tool.  Cutting process mainly concerns about the rough of the material surface.

Two other properties of abrasives are brittleness and refractoriness.

  • Refractoriness property of an abrasive gives the withstanding capacity of it grain when operation temperature is increased so that it does not get scattered.
  • Sharp nature of an abrasive is known by its brittle and friable property. Abrasive substance can do alteration or remove material from other objects when it is quite sharp

Abrasives brands and rolls can be further classified into:-

Gold Sanding Disc Rolls

Adhesive backed sanding discs – Made with premium aluminum oxide grain, gold stearate. These are the most competent sanding disc roll. The non-loading pressure sensitive adhesive discs significantly decrease grit or dust uncleanness. The durable backing of these sanding discs provides a long shelf life. Gold sanding discs come with or without vacuum holes.

Floor Sanding rolls

Floor sanding rolls are made of the highest quality grains and strongest backings in the industry. Abrasive floor sanding rolls resist loading and tearing.

Non-Woven Surface Conditioning Rolls

non-woven surface conditioning rolls are made of nylon web soaked with abrasive grain and resin bond. Non-woven Abrasive rolls are helpful when longer lengths are required for your manual or machine operations

Surface Conditioning rolls

Surface Conditioning Discs come in premium and premium plus -ceramic – have abrasive grain embedded in a cushioned nylon web. These discs are ideal for deburring, surface preparation, weld and gasket cleaning and finishing stainless steel. has introduced a new way of buying abrasives bands & rolls and have also become a one stop destination for buying abrasives brands and rolls, we have sourced these products from reputed brands asSAK ABRASIVES, DOUBLE DEE, DYNABRADE, STARCKE, MIRKA, WENDT, CUTSOL, 3M, GRINDWELL ABRO, TYROLIT, SIKA, NORTON, OSBORN, WOLCUT, CUMI, FREET and CALUMET