Things to consider before buying Luxury Wardrobes and Doors

By | January 31, 2018

Wardrobe is an important piece of furniture in your bedroom. Various factors go into purchasing a wardrobe – color, style, material, size to decorate your home. There is a multitude of options and a wide range of wardrobes from a walk-in wardrobe in a separate room to sliding door wardrobe in a tiny corner of a room to fit your exact requirements.  A lot goes into consideration while choosing them beyond the aesthetics.

Points to consider while buying luxury wardrobe & doors


It is important to first find out how much space you have for your wardrobe and what type of look and functionality that suits your needs.

By deciding what you want to store in your wardrobe, you will be able to figure out the right size, design and features that will measure your requirements.  In case you want to hang your clothes, you will need less of drawers and shelves. In case you want to store bed linen or towels, you will want wider shelves instead of narrow ones. Don`t forget to take into consideration the accurate measurements of wardrobe doors as that they do not become a hindrance in positioning the new wardrobe.

Custom wardrobe designs

Custom closets for your bedroom are available from walk-in closets, walk-in closet room, built-in sliding wardrobe, sliding wardrobe, bedroom luxury closet, to integrated sliding wardrobe customized to fit your needs.

The most popular and recommended storage solution for Dubai homes is a fitted walk-in wardrobe with closet design to keep clothes organized and easily accessible.

Door types to look for

To buy luxury doors in Dubai, there is a variety of door types, ranging from hinged doors, sliding doors or bi-fold. Good furniture companies or stores offer different door styles and materials match the surrounding spaces in the home. They have the best solution for your needs whether it be single cavity face sliders, double, triple or double overtaking, wide range of sliding and folding options, wardrobe doors, sliding or bi-folding in their extensive door suite offerings.

When it comes to details, doors can combine mirror, glass and other materials. Bring in your creativity and practicality to find a perfect Luxury wardrobe solution.

Choice of materials

Wardrobe door materials range from high quality laminate in solid colors or with wood texture, real wood veneer stained for color matching and finished to match your taste, or painted matte or high-gloss in a color that matches additional woodwork in the house. A wooden wardrobe is preferred because of its strength, beauty and durability.

Read Reviews

Read Reviews

If you want to buy luxury wardrobes in Dubai, read the reviews about the seller or the company online or from other credible sources. Finding a reliable buyer is a must to get a fair idea about the genuineness and credibility of the buyer.

Buy from good furniture companies

Make sure you buy luxury wardrobes in Dubai from good furniture stores or companies, who manufacture luxury wardrobes and doors from the finest of quality woods. Choose companies who employ the latest technology know-how to ensure their products are built with utmost precision and craftsmanship.

 You can buy from online stores in Dubai for luxury wardrobes of Italian or German made and from other well known brands. You also have many brick and mortar stores to buy luxury furniture in Dubai include doors, windows for your wardrobes.