Tips to use Solar Water Heaters during Summer

By | June 8, 2017

Solar energy is the primary energy source for our planet. Solar water heaters use the free energy of the Sun to warm water. Solar water heaters can replace your existing water heater removing the need for fossil fuel energy consumption altogether. They can work effectively in almost any climate and help save 35% of your energy bills.

Heating your water with solar energy can be rewarding in many ways. Using solar energy reduces your dependence upon fossil fuel and solar is a reliable energy source because as long as the sun is shining, you have energy. It is environmentally friendly and saves a lot on energy bills.

Regardless of the season, the demand for hot water in many households is invariably high. A number of homeowners have sought the help of Sun to preheat the supply that enters their domestic water heaters.

Tips for using solar water heaters in summers

Choose a perfect dimension solar water heater based on your household`s requirements and your geographic area. Determine if your site is suitable as most solar water heaters are installed on the roof. See if your roof faces south within 15degrees, receives direct sunlight between 10-am- 4 pm all round the year. Ideally, your solar water heater panel must be set up in a place where it receives the optimum quantity of sunlight both in the morning and evening. If your roof is not suitable or appropriate then you must consider a ground mounted system.

To buy solar water heaters in Dubai, have a discussion with suppliers in Dubai to find which system is appropriate for you. They will help you decide on the system best suited for you. There are several system types for turning solar energy into hot water.

  • There are active and passive solar heating systems. Passive systems are typically less expensive when compared to active and can be more reliable and durable. Thermosyphon system is reliable but care should be taken on roof design as it has heavy storage tank.
  • In this system water flows through the system and hot water rises and cooler water sinks. For this the collector has to be installed below the storage tank for the hot water to rise into the tank. In this, your solar water heater will save you on bills and provide limitless quantity of hot water.

Estimate the capacity you want and to find this, you need to know the gallon capacity of the water heater you currently have.

This system uses solar panels called collectors which collect energy from the Sun and uses it to heat water which is stored in a cylinder. There are two types of solar collectors in solar water heater systems for residential applications.

  • They are evacuated tube collectors that traps the heat from the sun inside a set of nested cylinders or heat pipes that can operate efficiently in any climate providing hot water for residential and commercial uses.
  • Flat plate collectors are a more common type of collector with a large flat surface area to absorb maximum heat from the sun. It has tubes bonded to it and fluid runs through these tubes to collect heat from the absorber or the flat surface area.

Buy from a reputed supplier or from companies in Dubai who will guide you in buying the one best suited for your needs. Set up your panels in the places selected based on your suppliers instructions. Make a quick check of your proposed plumbing path.

Maintenance is a vital aspect of owning a solar water heater. After installation, properly maintaining your solar system will keep it running smoothly.