Various Hues in Nature

By | September 18, 2016

When the white moonlight teases the dark gloomy forest;

The shimmering glow provokes the eternal joy;

Ruining the dismay amid its treacherous path;

Showing the strength of a vibrant charm!


When the sparkling vermillion hue of abstract love;

Sprinkles itself in a romantic aura;

Resuscitating the souls of Cupid and Psyche;

Proving the power of this fanciful cast!


When the sky blushes gild on an Indian summer;

Spreading its tincture of amber and gold;

Staging its heights for the glorious sol;

Concluding the spectacle with lively tones!


When the horizon hides under the endless ocean;

Sounds of serenity dash against the golden sands;

Radiating the vista of the stretched waters;

Donating its pride to the nature within!

Amish Agarwal

Goldcrest High Vashi

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