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Why you should be using ‘gradients’ in 2018?

Vaibhav Rai

October 05, 2018 10:42 PM

Gradient has made a dramatic comeback after years of material, flat and minimal styles. Web designers all over the world are using colour fades as an element of visual interest, foster user engagement and retention while designing something that’s truly remarkable. If you aren’t not too passionate about gradients, it’s time to change the thoughts and we do have some convincing reasons here.

Create interest with backgrounds

As said, gradient complements to the visual interest and provoke a user to navigate through a design. The eye would land on a particular coloured area whereas shifting hues, lighter and darker regions over the screen would further engage a user to browse deeper.

There’re plenty of creative ways to use gradients but the trendiest option now is in the background element with the texts, images and other features layered on top. They also provide halo type area highlighting the primary point of navigation.

Inscription gives to peripheral point

Just like in the background, gradient can be used as a front element as well. Shaded or coloured gradients are versatile strategy that contributes to overall acceptance. A foreground gradient can also be used creatively for inscription or lettering on a simpler, plain background thus giving a feel of focus on the texts. The choice of shades should be purposeful so that you get to play with contrast and readability while maintaining everything.

Overlays can season a bland image to perfection

Coloured overlaps fuse extra interest and attraction to a bland or simpler image. A gradient overlap isn’t preferred for poorly composed or low resolution image but can breathe life to a simple scene. Gradient overlays helps in establishing brands, add a voice, tone and character to the website. It’s obvious that brighter shades speak quite different from muted and dull options.  

Catches the eye

A superb gradient helps the eye to navigate through a design that has been carefully developed with users’ intent. Most of the users are accustomed to read in an “F” like pattern that starts from the top left, moves down and then shifts across the screen.

A memorable creation

While gradients are getting all the fame, every colour combination adds uniqueness which makes them all the more memorable. A killer combination has all it takes to stand out and within the crowd, making a brand or message more impactful. Create connections through gradients in order to make a good use.

Emphasise brand colours

If your brand favours colours, use a gradient to pair them whereas newer brands take this approach to make a statement in the market and build a strong image. Think of how you can creatively incorporate same style gradients into multiple uses that is on the website, social media messaging, ad campaigns and print. Same colours in the same gradients would always stick to users who’re likely to associate these with your brand.


Although gradients fall out of favour every by and then, a competent web design agency in Dubai makes good use in creating a universally appealing website or incorporate them creatively in a digital campaign.