Different Types Of Earth-Moving Equipment A Construction Company Should Have!

Heavy equipment are used in many different ways to help you achieve what standard equipment cannot. Be it construction vehicles, material handling equipment, construction equipment or earth-moving equipment, the usage of every equipment varies with its usage.

Here are some of the most common earth moving equipment that a construction company should have for any construction project:

Skid Steer Loaders:

These are one of the most versatile machines used in a construction company.  Be it a limited access drill rig or small rigs; they are simple to operate and ideal to keep in confined places. Since skid steer loaders come with wheels and offer a  great transaction, they are suitable for the areas with heavy snow and mud.

Crawler Loaders:

With the properties of an excavator with a backhoe, this is another type of constructional equipment that is used to increase productivity on-site. Since they are track mounted, they can be moved without the need of any additional source or transportation. These equipment are used to dump soil to different locations and to load spoils.

Motor Graders:

They are heavy equipments with long blades that you can adjust at specific angles to create a flat surface. Construction companies use it to move dirt and to fine grade granules. Some also use it to create a fine base course before placing the asphalt. Motor graders usually have a second blade in front of the axle, which is used for undermining.

Excavators :

They are large construction equipment, which is available in both wheels and tracks form. A traditional excavator features a long bucket art, that is attached to the pivoting cab to make it rotate at 360 degrees. The rider sits in the cabin to operate the equipment. Mostly excavators are used to digging dirt, or to lift heavy pieces like pipes, rods and bricks. In construction company, excavators are commonly used for:

  • Digging holes and foundations
  • Brush cutting using hydraulic attachments
  • Demolition
  • Handling construction Material
  • Mining
  • Lifting heavy equipment and installing pipes
  • River dredging
  • Rough grading and more


They are one of the strongest and heaviest equipment used in a construction company. Construction workers use bulldozers to move dirt along with the huge chunk of open tracts of land. Also, they are used to push piles of the surface as well as for grading. The wide flat blade attached in front can be operated using two different hydraulic pistons. These blades will also help in moving equipment to small angles or depths.

Backhoe Loaders:

These are quite similar to tractors; however, the only difference is that they contain an adjustable shovel situated in the front. Also, the backhoe loader comes with a small bucket at the back, which is used for digging surfaces.  These devices are mostly used for small to mid-size constructions jobs.

Further, they make the perfect equipment for the sites with limited operational space. With them, you can easily remove dirt from one place to another, can dig trenches, place pipes and more.

The list doesn’t end here; there are many other constructional equipment like aerial equipments and more, however, the mentioned above are most common!

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