These are the 10 Essentials of Boho Style

If there’s one fashion style you must try before you die, it’s Boho. Boho is short for bohemian and is a trend inspired by the mixing of eclectic and ethnic clothing that celebrate the earthy-natural look. Boho style is known for its rich and warm colors (neutrals, black, olive green, cream white and khaki) and its overall laid-back vibe. It became popular way back in 2002, when Vogue magazine first used the word to describe an eclectic gypsy wear. Years passed, Boho is still very popular worldwide. Although Boho style that we know today is quite different from what it was years ago, there are pieces that stayed and became key essentials for modern Boho chic fashion.

Are you stumped when it comes to creating Boho-inspired wear? Read on the rest of this article to find the basic clothing essentials that will help you nail authentic bohemian fashion!

  • Brimmed Hats : Brimmed Hats1

Floppy Brimmed Hats paired with sandals and a sundress is the perfect combo for summer and the first major essential in Boho fashion. They look great with anything, whether that is a skirt, pair of jeans, a scarf, or just about any footwear (we highly recommend gladiator sandals!) Stylish Boho women never forget to bring a brim hat if they’re going to the beach, it’s simply an essential!

  • Maxi Skirts : Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts scream Boho on so many levels. It’s the perfect piece of clothing that can transform a normal outfit to Boho wear in a flash. When choosing your Maxi skirts, we recommend going for simple, plain colored ones that you can easily mix and match with printed tops. You’ll want to create a style that’s fairly simple. Since Boho is all about comfort, it’s very important not to overdo it! We highly suggest avoiding too many layers in your clothing. Too much layers will make you look swallowed up and unattractive.

Here are some suggested fashion combinations: pink maxi skirt, Gladiator Sandals and a graphic t-shirt,or a floppy brimmed hat, boots, a patterned scarf and a swing dress.

  • Oversized Sunglasses :

Oversized sunglasses are a boho-chic’s best friend. They’re a lot more mainstream nowadays but they’re still an important element to any Boho style attire. Sporting oversized sunglasses will transform your look from normal to high-style-fashion in seconds. You’re going to need to compliment your oversized sunglasses with striking makeup, a bold red lipstick and a natural shade of eyeshadowis the best way to go.

  • Bangles, Bracelets and Necklaces : 

Bangles, bracelets and necklaces are definitely must-haves for all Boho chic fashion. When deciding what kind of style and pattern for your bangles, think of woven Mexican bracelets that come in earthy colors or ethnic patterns.

We also recommend accessories that have a gypsy vibe to them. Bold colors are awesome too as long as you stay away from Neon. You can also wear the bangles on your ankles or on your upper arms to complete the goddess look. As for necklaces, try large gold colored ones create a statement. Again, don’t wear millions of accessories, just the right amount will ground your look to make it casual and stylish.

  • Hair Accessories, Turbans, and Head Bands : Hair Accessories Turbans And Head Bands

Boho style can never feel complete without striking head accessories such as turbans and head bands. Think hippie when choosing your head wear. Go for large, colorful, and abstractly printed pieces. It’s also worth mentioning, that many Boho-inspired fashion pieces embrace curly and wavy textured hair. However, if you’re not fond of adding accessories to your hair, you can simply go with a felt hat that matches your top. Stayrefined and simple, yet stylish.

  • Gladiator Footwear : Gladiator Footwear

Walk like a Greek goddess with gladiator footwear,they are the best kind of footwear if you’re going for Bohemian style. Aside from its light and super comfy feel, they’re also stylish and can easily work with many outfits. So don’t forget your gladiator sandals, next time you’re going Boho!

  • Patterned Scarf : 

Avoid anything too gaudy. Give your outfits a more laid-back vibe by wearing patterned scarfs. Scarfs keep to a chill and casual vibe, and that’s why they’re a mustwhen you’re rocking a Bohemian women’s clothing get-up.

Patterned scarfs simply complete any Bohemian look. They give color to your outfits plus you can wear them in several ways. Wrap them around you, tie them around your bag, wear them around your head, it’s up to you. Scarfs are key pieces in Boho fashion and something you must not forget.

  • Flared Pants : 

Flared pants are a best pickif you want to rock the Boho chic lifestyle. There are lots of ways to mix and match flared pants with clothing already found in your wardrobe. For example, you can wear flared pants with a long waistcoat, front knot shirts, or fringy sling bags. The trick is to go for pieces that are vintage, ethnic, and feminine at the same time!

  • The Kimono : 

When you mention the word Kimono, you immediately think of those Japanese oriental garments. However, in Boho style, Kimonos come in exotic floral patterns and can be stylishly worn with denims cutoffs, skirts, and even swingy dresses. Kimonos have recently been considered boho alternatives for jackets and cardigans. They are so comfy to wear and look effortlessly chic no matter how you wear them.

  • Swing Dresses : 

Do you have more love for flowy and breezy dresses? Boho is all about comfort so a swing dress easily fits into that fashion group. You can experiment with your own style by wearing your dresses with fun prints and bold colors. Decide what you like and maybe add your own twist for a more unique look.

Inspired to try Bohemian style? Let us know what you think about the Boho fashion in the comments below!

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