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Some Link Building Errors Avoided by Any SEO Company

Making blunders in external link establishment is a general practice in the SEO world; in any case, with the evolving time, SEO Company India has a team of highly knowledgeable and expert professionals who have complete knowledge about the accurate link building process. There are several link building errors which are avoided by an SEO Company such as:

1. Replace of Mass Link

Replacing link with hundred of various sites which give you a back link is not a decent practice, however it is once in a while favored by an SEO company. They have a tendency to make pages with incalculable outbound links, some of which may not include helpful assets and can just expect links of comparable class and quality consequently.

2. Uneven Link Velocity

It is difficult to control interface speed, as it is not simply you who is trading joins.
Despite the fact that you ought to maintain a strategic distance from mass third party referencing at a few times, you should not stop once you have begun. A few organizations contract a SEO Company to keep the link exchange work going, however in the event that they stop the procedure for some time, their page rank as well as activity will fall progressively.

3. Utilizing Excessive Exact Anchors

Utilizing keywords in a link is a common procedure; be that as it may, you should center on keeping one stay with the fundamental phrases. Your anchor may differ in hundred ways, yet ensure you utilize a URL or keywords for link decent variety.

4. Link Buying

Although incorrect, link buying is generally practiced in the world of link building. You need not really avoid link purchasing procedure. In any case, attempt and purchase quality links. Check the quality of the page, website and number of outgoing links before you buy link from a specific site.

5. Avoid Checking the Link Building Website

One basic faulty that one makes is not checking the site from where the link has been taken. A website’s quality can’t be considered from its page rank. Before building links with a site, one must check for its social existence, filed pages as well as regardless of whether the site is a link dealer.

6. Avoiding Link Exchange

Not making mass link exchange does not mean an SEO Company India does not practice link exchange by any stretch of the imagination. Now and again by exchanging links, you get a profoundly helpful link from a quality website which drives in direct traffic to your site.

7. Overlooking Image Linking

Image linking is not useless as thought by many. Mostly people prefer linking anchor text for high ranking, but image linking work amazed at building brand existence.


A main on page SEO and off page Best SEO Company in India generally avoids making these common mistakes at the time of link building. They target the right audience as well as precise market with an intention to exchange some quality links with reputed sites. To accomplish best outcome, one must avoid the above stated mistakes to ensure high ranking and greater conversion.

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